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Emmett's Christmas Present

This children's picture book is written to inspire a new kind of Christmas - a

non-consumerist one!

To enquire about purchasing a copy of this book, please contact me at

Emmett's Christmas Preasent book by Rhia

The Story

Emmett's family is preparing for Christmas when he suddenly realizes that he is the only one in his family who doesn't give Christmas gifts! He quickly sets out to find the perfect gift for his sister and parents - but that proves to be very difficult. After looking in shops and talking to friends, Emmett realizes that he doesn't have to buy something - he can make something for them instead!

Emmett's Christmas Preasent book by Rhia

The Goals

I believe that children's books are one of the most effective ways to make change in this world. I never want to write something that sounds informative or like I'm trying to teach something - instead I imagine a world where the changes have already been made. With this book I do not only strive to inspire a non-consumerist Christmas - I also hope to show a world where gender does not confine children to certain activities. By showing girls climbing trees and fixing their bikes along with boys dancing in skirts, I hope to show children that it is completely acceptable to be themselves.

Emmett's Christmas Preasent book by Rhia

Creating the Book

This book was a winter project between my brother (Taliesin) and me. He created the illustrations while I wrote out the story. We got about twenty sets of pages printed and hand-bound them into books, just in time for our local Christmas Craft Fair! This was the first written project I ever sold and I have to say that it felt wonderful.

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