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Amal Unbound by Aisha Saeed

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Amal lives in a small Pakistani village, and school is the highlight of her days. She wants to be a teacher when she is older, and her schoolteacher is helping her work towards that goal. When a series of small misfortunes lead to huge consequences, Amal finds herself torn away from the only life she has ever known, and her dreams of the future shattered. It is through these times that Amal realizes what an unjust society she lives in, and begins to push for equality between genders and classes. AGE RANGE INTERMEDIATE THEMES Pakistan






Equality OVERALL RATING 9.6/10 I absolutely loved this book. The characters are realistic, and the heartbreaking situations they are put in are told in the perfect way for a young audience. This book feels real - it doesn't cover up the hard truths with censorship, but it also isn't as horrific as some similar kids' books. I think this book is very educational, and also just an interesting and fun read. I also appreciate that the villains are not just evil in this story--they are people with feelings and reasons for what they do. My one complaint is that it ended too soon--I want to have at least one happy chapter at the end! PROS Feels real

Good characters

Not censored, but not too upsetting


Realistic villains CONS Ends too soon!

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