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Coyote Tales by Thomas King

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

A duo of trickster tales for younger readers. These stories take place "A long time ago, before animals stopped talking to humans." In the first story, an old woman and the animals of the forest are singing to the moon. Coyote wants to sing to the moon, too, but the others say that he sings terribly and they won't let him. Coyote has hurt feelings because of this, and he states that he never liked the moon, anyway. The moon is very upset with Coyote for saying such an awful thing about her, so she dives into a lake and refuses to come out. Without the moon around, though, it is very dark at night, and Coyote realizes that he needs to find a way to get Moon back up, into the sky.

The second story is about Coyote's new suit, which Raven says isn't actually that great. This leads Coyote to want a new suit, so he steals Bear's suit while Bear is swimming in the lake. Coyote continues stealing the other animals' suits, and soon he has quite the collection. Little does he know, at the edge of the forest, the animals he stole from were now grabbing clothes from the humans... AGE RANGE KIDS THEMES First Nations



Nature OVERALL RATING 9.8/10 These two short stories, packed into one wonderful book, are engaging, funny, and relevant--and yet they still hold true to the first nations' depictions of the classic characters. I laughed out loud multiple times while reading this book! I think that these stories are absolutely wonderful. PROS Funny


Good illustrations CONS I wish it was longer and with more stories!!!


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