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Escape from Aleppo by N. H. Senzai

It is 2013 and Syria is falling apart. A young girl named Nadia lives in Aleppo, a large Syrian city, and she is right in the centre of the conflict. While fleeing their home during a bombing, Nadia and her family are separated. She now must travel across the city alone, towards the Turkish border crossing.





Civil War



Escape from Aleppo narrates an epic adventure, carrying the reader along with Nadia on her perilous journey. The book manages to convey the feeling and intensity of the place and time, without being horribly graphic or completely depressing. This is a great introduction to the subjects of Syrian culture, civil war, and refugees. My only complaint is that it ends on a cliffhanger... and there is no sequel!

PROS Great intro to the subjects covered


Fun read, despite the dark topics

Violence and Scariness 5/5 Takes place right in the middle of a war. Pools of blood, guns, bombs, dead bodies, and mention of torture and execution, among other things. Quite graphic for the demographic (see what I did there? haha) Sex and Romance 0/5 Not present.

CONS Very abrupt ending

Emotional Intensity 4/5 Nadia spends majority of book unsure of whether or not her family is alive. The entire country is falling apart. A dear friend to Nadia is ill and dying. Drinking and Drugs 0/5 Not present.

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