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Life According to Dani by Rose Lagercrantz and Eva Eriksson

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Dani's father has had an accident and is in the hospital, so she is staying with her best friend's family at their island cottage over summer break. Dani's friend, Ella, is the perfect summer companion, and their games range from playing violin in the ocean to selling buns at the ferry dock. When Dani's father is finally well enough to come visit, though, he brings an un-welcome girlfriend with him.








This is one of my favorite kids' books ever. The plot is fine, but it is the way the book is written and illustrated that I love. In this book, the girls seem like really good friends, and they are amazing depictions of six year-olds. The things they say and the games they play remind me of when I was their age, and the whole thing just feels really warm. A lot of kids' books seem like they are trying to make the characters seem funny or cool, and that overrides the attention to realism and emotion. The truth is, though, that most kids would rather see someone that is like them than someone who is cool. It is also great that this book deals with series issues such as injury and parents having new partners in a book for such young kids.


Extremely realistic

Deals with important issues for young kids

Isn't just trying to be cool




There are three other books about Dani, as well. They are called My Happy Life, My Heart is Laughing, and When I am Happiest. I do not think these go in a specific order.

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