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Seaside Donkey by Hannah Engelkamp

When Hannah decides to take a break from her ordinary life and walk around her homeland with a donkey, nobody believes she can do it. Each dead end she meets in her research, though, just makes her more determined to make the journey happen. A few months later, she sets off on an unforgettable journey. This is the story of a young woman's trip around Wales, and of her learning to cohabitate and care for a rather stubborn and untrained donkey!


Suggested for ages 15+

(Content is appropriate for just about any age, but kids and many teens likely won't find this book interesting)








Seaside Donkey is a great book! The journey is exciting and the writing is witty yet beautiful. The many characters we meet along the way are delightful. The nature of the plot (walking around Wales) makes you want to keep reading until the very end - as if you need to finish the journey with Hannah. That said, the chapters do get a little repetitive, so not the most engaging read. The ending was also a little underwhelming - I would have liked to see how Hannah and they donkey settled in after the walk was complete, but instead the story is cut off quite abruptly. Altogether, though, quite a nice read!

PROS Witty Humour

Beautiful writing

Great characters

Violence and Scariness 1/5 Donkey escaping, stomping on people's feet, nipping, etc. Characters joke about hurting the donkey when frustrated with it. Sex and Romance 1/5 Humorous mention of sex and nudists. Talk about donkey genitalia.

CONS Ending is a little abrupt

Gets repetitive

Emotional Intensity 1/5 A few sad stories along the way.

Drinking and Drugs 1/5 Drinking/drunkenness. Rolling joints and smoking.



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