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The Fault in our Stars by John Green

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The Fault in our Stars is a love story like no other. Yes, the teens' personalities are a little too much like they are in all of the other books, but at least these ones have unique interests. It is a wonderfully written and deeply educational book about cancer kids. It's not about drilling some hopeful message into your brain, it's about some realistic people's real lives. There is a good reason for it's popularity. AGE RANGE TEEN THEMES Romance









Friends OVERALL RATING 9/10 John Green is one of the best YA writers I know of, and this is one of his best books. Some teenagers really do talk and act like the ones in his books, and for those this would be a legendary read. Others, though, will still enjoy it. There is something about the way John Green writes that makes it OK that you aren't exactly like the protagonist. Maybe it's the humour, or maybe the honesty. Whatever it is, it works well! PROS Engaging



Realistic CONS Stereotypical teen dialogue and behavior

Really sad (maybe not a con. Do you want to have your heart broken repeatedly? Good for you! You should read The Fault in our Stars!)


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