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The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

This artful and mysterious book is a wonderful example of middle grade fantasy. With just the right mixture of thrill, humor, mystery, suspense, and adorable little dragons, The Girl Who Drank the Moon is the perfect book for anyone to be swept up in. The story begins in an extremely dangerous forest, following the journey of a kind old witch. She is on her annual trek to the gloomy protectorate to pick up a baby. Every year, the people of the protectorate leave a baby in the woods. The witch doesn't know why and she thinks they must be awfully cruel people to do such a thing. Every year the kind old woman takes the baby from the woods and brings it to one of the free cities on the other side of the woods where a new family will take the it in. As she takes the babies across the treacherous forest, the witch feeds them starlight to help them stay content and happy. This year, however, she accidentally feeds the little girl moonlight instead, causing the baby to have magic pulsing through her veins. The witch knows that she can't give away an enmagicked child to an ordinary family, and she has no choice but to raise the baby herself. This is the story of a young girl growing up and discovering her own powers. AGE RANGE INTERMEDIATE THEMES Babies








The Moon

OVERALL RATING 8.9/10 Overall, this book is really great. The chapters are a perfect length for intermediates, and there is a mild feeling of suspense to keep you intrigued the whole way through. The characters are interesting, funny, and unique. My only complaints are that it may be a little too violent at points for younger intermediates, and that the villain is rather one sided.

PROS Good intriguing plot Engaging Heartfelt Good chapter length


CONS Rather violent/gory at points for young readers

One-sided villains

This is a comedic book, so it is not always realistic. If you are someone who is irritated by that, it may not be the book for you.

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1 Comment

Carly Filewich
Carly Filewich
Jan 29, 2021

I'm reading this one right now. I scanned to the bottom of your description really fast to make sure I wasn't getting ahead of my place in the book! Safe. And now I'm curious about the violence. Hmm.

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