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Top 3 Kids' Books to Cozy-Up with this Winter

The weather is quickly changing, which means more time indoors. Hot chocolate, warm heaters, and (of course) books are the things that keep us going this time of year.

What books will the kids be reading this year? Below are my top 3 picks for cozy kids' reads, ideal for ages 5-10.

A bigfoot family gathering, and a whole host of other magical creatures! Fall into the world of Cryptids, where staying hidden from humans is of utmost importance.

This chapter book combines light reading with great illustrations and clever comedy, making the perfect holiday entertainment for the whole family.

While this book has a holiday feel due to the cold weather and bakery themes, it is far from cheery. Honey Cake is the best resource I have found to teach younger kids about World War II and Jewish history.

Without being to upsetting or intense, this story brings important topics to the attention of children.

Especially in times like right now, when children are likely hearing adults talking about war, it is important for them to learn about the topic in an age-appropriate way. This book is extremely educational without feeling preachy.

This collection of trickster tales, re-told for young children, is the perfect book for cozy winter reading! Coyote is a such a fun protagonist, bringing kids into the world of traditional indigenous stories in a current and entertaining way.

Expertly written by Thomas King, this book is perfect for a family read-aloud by the fire, or for older children curled up on the couch 😊

Which one of these books will be joining your library this winter? Comment below!


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